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16th March 2015

OK, due to illness and a maddening bout of insomnia, things have been getting delayed, but I'm now accepting pre-orders for the Noirland DVDs.

Due to the debacle with many people saying they wanted Leaving the Lawn DVDs and then never showing up to get them, I'm going to have to ask that the Noirland DVDs are paid for in advance. This way I know exactly how many to order and I'm not stuck with a load that are never picked up.

If you were a cast member who had scripted lines of dialogue, or crew, or you sponsored the film more than 50 way back when we were trying to raise funds, then you will already receive ONE copy. If you were an extra or you want additional copies, I'm afraid you're going to have to pay, but I have kept the prices as low as possible. If you're unsure if you're entitled to a free copy, please email me.

NOIRLAND DVD __________________________________ 4.00 

NOIRLAND Soundtrack CD __________________________ 3.00 

**** SPECIAL OFFER (While stocks last) ****

NOIRLAND DVD + Soundtrack CD ____________________ 5.00


I'll keep this page open for a couple of weeks so spread the word and make sure everyone who wants a copy gets one. This is a one-time offer! If you don't get a DVD now you'll probably never get one.


25 January 2015

Happy New Year!

I'm trying to start as I mean to go on here, by doing an update in January I'm hoping I will remember to do one every month.

The Noirland tour is coming to a close, with our final date in The Nerve Centre, Derry on February 6th. This tour has actually been successful, but we're hoping Derry will be the icing on the cake and bring in a huge crowd, so please come along or spread the word. This will be your last chance to see it on a big screen! After this screening we'll start submitting to festivals with the money we raised, while still keeping some back to get the DVDs professionally made. If you want to get a copy, keep a regular eye on the Noirland FB Page - I will be taking pre-orders at some point to know how many to get made.

The other big news is I don't know if there will be a book this year. Usually I'm at least a quarter way into my next book by now, but I haven't even started because of all the work involved in getting Noirland screened and entered in festivals. I could probably still knock one out by Halloween if I really put my head down (and I have a REALLY killer idea!), but there are other things to consider...

I have a meeting with Northern Ireland Screen soon to discuss my next film. I submitted my new script to them and they like it and want to have a chat about it. Considering all the cuts to the arts, I'm not sure there's any money to be had. I really don't want to have to do another film on a microscopic budget - I'd like to be able to pay people this time around!!! So if there's no chance of funding, I think I'll just sit on the script and wait until there is, in that case there MIGHT be another book. I don't know. I'll maybe have a better idea after I speak to NIS.

I know I'm always saying there are exciting things I'm waiting to hear back about, but there are two VERY exciting things I'm waiting to hear back about atm, and they're avenues I haven't tried before, so fingers crossed.

Look at top left - this year is the tenth anniversary of philiphenry.com - about time something monumental happened, wouldn't you agree!!!