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13 January 2016

Hello! It's a New Year, dintcha know?

Despite life mocking me at every turn, I'm optimistic about 2016. I've got a lot of lines in the water, so surely a fish will bite at least one of them. Here's what's happening at the minute....

I'm still waiting to be rejected by the BBC Writersroom. The last call for drama scripts was in September 2015 and I wrote part one of the TV mini-series of The Dead Room. I was really happy with how it turned out, but as we've learned from past experience, that means nothing. The beeb were supposed to tell us who got through to the next round by xmas, but instead we all got an email saying they had over 3000 entries, the most they've ever had for a drama call, and there was no chance of getting through them all before Santa came to visit. So we wait, interminably waiting, and then....

While we're on the subject, I noticed a worrying thing while adapting The Dead Room. There were a lot of typos in it, damn them! So I've made it my New Year's Resolution to re-read all my books (except Vampire Dawn and Mind's Eye which are already on their 2nd editions) and weed out all these mistakes. I'll then re-upload the file for the print books and the Kindle editions and with any luck I'll have error-free novels forever more.

I've also re-entered Ghosthaven for another competition. As you may remember, this was another TV pilot I wrote about a hidden village. I always liked this story and thought it had real possibilities, but after the BBC gave me the 'Thanks, but no thanks' I had nowhere else to go with it. I re-read it before submitting and I still think it stands up really well. So add that to the waiting list.

Things are looking good on the film front....

Interested parties are trying to get funding for one of my scripts and I really hope they get it because I think they'd do an awesome job of directing it.

I'm also really enjoying my time on the New Writer Focus Group. I won this award with the first draft of my western, Diablo's Rest, and after a few meetings talking things over with NIS and other writers, I think I've improved it a lot. The second draft is due soon and I'm anxious to see if everyone else thinks it's improved as much as I do.

And I'm going to be directing a short film funded by NIS. It's called Love Bites, and those of you familiar with a certain novel will guess that it's the first scene from that book. I'm still trying to get the cast confirmed, but if this comes off as well as I hope, it could mean we're one step closer to getting the Vampire Dawn movie made.

I've decided to put all my movies online. There were only a few stragglers; Working Late, Ghosts of Us and Leaving the Lawn, but if you want the full list and their links go to the Coral Moon Films Page.

The short story anthology is still in limbo, due to circumstances beyond my control. Worst case scenario - it'll be out this Halloween, but if some stuff falls into place, it might be out sooner. It's got some weird and wonderful stories in it, so I'm eager to hear which you like best. I've also entered one of the stories from the book in a Stephen King Short Story Competition. There might be a few other entrants for that, but sure it's always worth a punt.

Watch this space....