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14 February 2014

Look at how long it's taken me to update this again! I'm only doing it now because it's 5am and I'm full of the cold and can't get to sleep because of a bunged-up nose.

So, first off, thanks to everyone who downloaded my books over the free Christmas giveaway. My books were downloaded almost 2,500 times and so far the reviews have been positive.

So where is this year's book, I hear a few of you ask? Still not done is the frustrating answer. The problem is other things come up, things with deadlines, and if I want to make the deadline I have to do them first. What's currently holding me up is adapting one of my short films, Ghosts of Us, into a one act stage play for a competition Kenneth Branagh is running. This sounds like it should be easy, but it takes a complete rethink to do something for the stage, so it's taking longer than I thought. Due to this, and an imminent housing problem, it may well be the summer before the new novel sees the light of day, or maybe even my old Halloween timeslot if things keep bombarding me.

Still no word back from the BBC about my sitcom submission. This seems to be taking longer than usual for them to reply. Is that a good sign or a bad one? Who knows?

But what's taking the most time at the moment is Noirland. After months of cutting and re-cutting NIS have now given me the OK on picture lock. This means I can finally start working on the sound mix and grading, which is good as our world premiere is on March 30th at the Movie House cinema on the Dublin Road, Belfast, showing as part of Belfast Film Festival.

Look at that [top left] - my website has passed the 10,000 hits mark. Woo-hoo!